New Book from Bestselling Author of The Wealthy Code, The Debt Millionaire, and The Banker’s Code Reveals:
How Investors Are Still Growing Their Wealth

(Even In This Market!)

Who Are They and How Are They Doing It? 
How “YOU Can Become the Bank,” 
Be Financially Independent, and Create Generational Wealth with Just One Hour Per Month Spent Investing.

George Antone

Bestselling Author
Chief Financial Nerd

Dear Investor,

The idea that no one is building wealth in today’s market is a myth.

The simple truth is that many investors and institutions are still building wealth - and it’s not hard to copy what they’re doing.

Easy-to-use technology that allows for passive investing, growing wealth and achieving financial freedom is still possible…

…even as inflation soars and the market tumbles.

Inside my latest book, The Income Amplifier Blueprint, I’ll share the strategy these smart investors (and banks) are using to continue to grow wealth, even today.

And I’ll reveal how anyone can easily access the same technology these investors use to make better decisions and find predictable returns in a market many find “unpredictable.” Let me explain…


The Income Amplifier


Discover the Advanced Strategies. Backed by Cutting-Edge Technology, which Unlocks Your Ability to Achieve Financial Freedom Faster, Safer, With More Certainty, and a Lot Less Stress.

Here’s How Smart Investors Are Using Inflation, Taxes, and Cutting-Edge Technology to Grow Wealth

Inside The Income Amplifier Blueprint, you’ll discover that there are two sides of the financial system. I’ll also share how anyone can “flip sides” and unlock their ability to use market forces like inflation, opportunity cost, and even taxes to grow wealth.

Before I share how simple it is to “flip sides” (with the help of technology most investors aren’t even aware of)...

Let’s talk about the two sides of the financial system:
One side of the financial system is designed to benefit banks. So…

✅  If inflation goes up...
​✅  If investments get taxed...
​✅  If there’s “opportunity cost” involved...
…one side of the financial system (the bank) still benefits. The other side does not benefit. 

Do You Know What "Side" Of The Financial System You Are On?

I know this is frustrating, but it’s important for anyone who is thinking about stable, passive investing to understand:

The system is set up to benefit bankers and not regular investors. 

One side of the system (the bank) gains purchasing power over time. Banks are set up to grow wealth no matter the market conditions. This is because bankers, and some investors, understand how to use inflation, taxes, and opportunity cost to their advantage.

One side of the system (most investors) lose purchasing power over time. Most investors, who are not banks, pay into the financial system their entire lives, devoting their time, and effort only to realize many years later that they were falling behind the entire time thanks to inflation, taxes, and missed opportunity cost. 

It’s no wonder that 80% of Americans don’t end up with enough money or purchasing power to enjoy retirement.

You can have investment accounts, a 401k, mutual funds, bonds, even a pension, and more, and still end up stuck on the wrong end of a system that inherently holds most investors back.

Fortunately, inside The Income Amplifier Blueprint you’ll discover how anyone can “flip sides,” invest like a banker, and unlock their ability to achieve financial freedom faster, safer, and with more certainty (a lot less stress too!). 

What if You Could "Switch Sides?"

“Switching sides” of the financial system and using forces like inflation, taxes, and missed opportunity cost is possible. 

Anyone can increase their ability to unlock financial freedom by “flipping sides” and passively investing like banks do. 

I’ll go deeper into detail inside the book, and I’ll give you exercises you can use to assess your own investing strategy so that you better understand how inflation, taxes, and opportunity might impact your ability to grow wealth. But, for now…

It’s important to know there are two sides of the financial system:

On the Paying Side are those who are negatively impacted by the financial system. 

On the Receiving Side are those who are benefiting from the financial system. 
For investors who are “stuck” on the “Paying Side,” it’s difficult to grow wealth in normal market conditions (and much more difficult when inflation, taxes, and rising interest rates get in the way). 
Many people on the Paying Side believe they are saving, investing intelligently, and “doing everything right…”

…only to discover, often years later, that the banks on the Receiving Side of the financial system have left them behind long ago. 

Forces like inflation, taxes, interest, and opportunity cost slowly eat away at the purchasing power and wealth of people on the Paying Side.

Cutting-Edge Technology Has Finally Made it Easier for ANYONE to “Switch Sides” 

Knowledge is one of the reasons most investors are stuck on the “paying side.” 

You have to understand how banks use inflation, taxes, and opportunity cost to generate wealth no matter what happens in the market. 

But technology is the other reason most investors stay stuck.

Without access to the right technology, replicating and maintaining the structures banks use to generate wealth is time-consuming. 

Until recently, only bankers had access to the technology and resources to do it!

Fortunately, new technology has enabled anyone to “switch sides” without spending all of their free time juggling data and investments. 

In fact, easy-to-use technology has made it possible to unlock your ability to switch sides and achieve financial freedom, faster, safer, with more certainty, and a lot less stress!

Would you like me to show you how? 

Get Your Copy Today And Discover How To:

See which “side” of the financial system you are on

and better understand how market forces like inflation, taxes, and missed opportunity costs are impacting your ability to grow wealth.

Use cutting-edge technology to “switch sides” and invest like a bank

unlocking your ability to achieve financial freedom with more certainty (even in uncertain market conditions). 

How to build an automated “income machine”

that can deliver predictable, reliable, and consistent cash flow (this machine can use various types of income-producing assets). It takes around 6 weeks for most people to set up an income machine using this blueprint.

The “everyday” financial products that grow wealth

You do not need access to special accounts or “systems” that are only available to banks or already wealthy investors. 

Why it only takes one hour per month to grow wealth

after everything is set up (the book will show you how), this structure and technology require just one hour per month of “work.” 

A system for projecting cash flow and “stacking” traditionally low-risk investments

for high return potential. You’ll discover how “thinking like a banker” has the potential to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Diversify, add income sources
and grow

wealth over the long-term.

Ways to transform existing debt into wealth

This is the very same principle banks use to stay on the “Receiving Side” of the financial system. 

Here’s a Closer Look at the Lessons You’ll Learn Inside Part 1 of The Income Amplifier Blueprint:

  • Lesson #1: Paying Side vs. Receiving Side - Do you know the difference? Many people think they are making smart “receiving side” investments, yet they spend their entire investing life giving wealth away to those on the “receiving side.”
  • Lesson #2: “22 Years of Growth in 10 Months” - Discover how to make up for lost time or bad investments following the Income Amplifier Blueprint outlined on p. 11.
  • Lesson #3: Finance Hacking 101 - Uncover a “toolbelt” of powerful tools you can use to overcome and even circumvent the limitations of the financial system (example: Read case study examples of how we get inflation to work for us and not against us).
  • ​Lesson #4: Have You Been Measuring Success Incorrectly? - Here’s an example: In real estate, success SHOULD NOT be the number of units you own. True success is best measured by the negative vs. positive impacts your investments bring to your life. Let me show you why in chapter 2.
  • ​Lesson #5: Why More Investors Should “Be Careful What They Wish For” - Why many investors end up with erratic, unpredictable results, stuck in a hustle trap instead of enjoying peace of mind.
  • ​Lesson #6: Investment Cash Flow Projection - Can you identify (within a few hundred dollars) how much cash flow your investments will be making one year from now? If the answer is “no,” you’ll want to discover the more predictable cash flow strategy starting on p. 15.
  • ​Lesson #7: What Is Your Investment Score? - In chapter 2, I’ll show you how to score the current state of your investments. Based on your score, you’ll get specific recommendations for applying my Income Amplifier Blueprint.
  • ​Lesson #8: AVOID These 6 “Deadly Mistakes” of Investing - Discover the six most common long-term investment mistakes (and how to avoid them). Case study examples for each mistake help you better understand how to avoid these common situations and missteps.
  • ​Lesson #9: “Investing GPS” - If you’re traveling cross-country, would you use paper maps or a modern GPS that can give you real-time traffic, road closure, and up-to-date route guidance? Most investors are still using a “paper map” investment strategy loaded with information that’s outdated the moment they see it.
  • ​Lesson #10: Do You Know Your “Investor Type?” - Revealed: The 4 Investor Types that most people fall into. Better understand your investor type so that you can spend less time making investment decisions.
  • Lesson #11: Capital Structures Explained - Most investors focus too much on capital and assets while ignoring capital structures. In the crash of 2008, many investors lost their shirts because they didn’t understand capital structures. For peace of mind, consult the capital structure breakdown in chapter 3.
  • Lesson #12: B = I / (1 - R) - Building wealth is a “race” and inflation is a force that keeps the finish line moving forward. To get across the finish line before inflation moves it too far away, master the formula you’ll learn in chapter 4 (this universal formula applies to all investments: stocks, real estate, bonds, mutual funds, tax liens, etc).
  • Lesson #13: “3 Smart Levers” Banks Use to Increase Wealth (and How You Can Do the Same) - Banks use these 3 forces of the financial system to increase wealth significantly and automatically, year after year. Anyone can use these levers (if they know they exist and how to “pull” them).
  • Lesson #14: The 4 Forces of the Financial System - These 4 forces result in most people giving away their money to those on the “receiving side” of the financial system. They’re easy to ignore, especially because you can be “making money” but still see purchasing power decrease because of the “pull” each of these forces have on your investments and income.
  • Lesson #15: Capital Structures that Increase Purchasing Power - Smart investors don’t build wealth using assets, instead they consider the capital structures that give them the purchasing power to buy assets. See examples of how these capital structures are leveraged to grow wealth in chapter 4.

Inside Part 2 of this Book, You’ll Discover How to Build an “Income Machine” As You Learn…

  • Lesson #16: Debt as an Amplifier - When to use strategic debt to finance and amplify an investment and when to avoid using debt to invest (chapter 6).
  • Lesson #17: “Give Away” the Negative Impact of Inflation - Discover how investors pass on the risk of inflation to make wealth “inflation-proof.” Sophisticated investors avoid the majority of inflation risk by making the capital strategy you’ll learn in chapter 6.
  • Lesson #18: Structuring Debt to Avoid “Wealth Destruction” - How to better manage debt as an investor and avoid debt structures that make wealth susceptible to market downturns.
  • ​Lesson #19: How Bankers Use “VOM” to Compound Growth - VOM or “Velocity of Money” is a term every banker knows but few consumers understand. Banks use this concept to acquire more and more assets and turn higher profits…average investors can do the same (see how in chapter 6).
  • Lesson #20: Why “High Reward” Doesn’t Need to Mean “High Risk” - What if you could have the same “high reward” as higher risk investments without taking on the higher risk? Learn how to use the same Hyper Compounding as banks to increase returns with lower risk investments.
  • Lesson #21: Build an “Income Machine” Step-by-Step - In chapter 7, you’ll discover how to build an income machine that has the potential to outperform most investments in terms of cash flow.
  • ​Lesson #22: The Engine of an Income Machine: Income Amplifier - Discover how to use everyday financial products (available to everyone) to build an Income Amplifier Machine (takes about 2 weeks).
  • ​Lesson #23: Determining, Connecting, and Stacking Income Sources - See how to determine what types of income sources work best in an “Income Machine,” learn how to connect them to the amplifier you set up in lesson #22, and discover how to stack income sources for long-term growth.
  • Lesson #24: Understanding the Flow of Money - I’ll show you exactly how money flows through the Income Machine. As investments grow and diversify, the Income Machine becomes more complex. Even though we’re working with financial products available to everyone, understanding how money flows between them is essential.
  • ​Lesson #25: Diversification & Adding Income Sources - You’ll learn how many income sources to add to your income machine over time.
  • ​Lesson #26: “Boosters” To Supercharge Your Income Machine - Uncover the 2 types of powerful boosters you can use to speed up your income machine. These boosters can help speed up results so that you can reach financial freedom faster.
  • ​Lesson #27: 1-Hour-Per-Month Income Machine Maintenance - It will take about 6 weeks to set up your income machine. Once it is set up, it will take just 1 hour per month to maintain it following the steps outlined in chapter 7.
  • Lesson #28: Using High-Interest Lines of Credit to Fund Investments - Investors think of a line of credit as a funding line that’s used to fund an investment. A common question I get asked is: “Can you use a high-interest rate line of credit to fund investments?” The answer is, “YES” and the process is outlined in chapter 8.
  • ​Lesson #29: The Bankers’ Approach to Credit - Revealed: How to stop using credit like a consumer and start using credit like a banker so that you can grow wealth instead of accumulating debt.

Find Out How to Maintain Your “Income Machine” for the Long Term As You Discover…

  • Lesson #30: The High Cost of NOT Leveraging Consumer Debt - Discover the method we use to turn existing consumer debt into a long-term wealth booster instead of a hindrance (PLUS: Why paying off some debts might be a mistake).
  • Lesson #31: Recapture Control of Debt - Switch the consumer lending model so that it works in your favor and payments that you were sending to banks end up flowing into the Income Machine you set up in chapter 7.
  • Lesson #32: What Opportunities Are You Missing? - Every financial decision you make has missed opportunity potential. Find out what opportunities you’re missing as the result of your purchasing behavior.
  • Lesson #33: Your Own Financing System - How to use the Income Machine from chapter 7 as your own bank and financing system (this allows you to own both sides of traditional banking transactions - the asset financed and the debt).
  • ​Lesson #34: How to Finance Everyday Purchases Using Your Income Machine - One way you can take advantage of your Income Machine is by using it to finance everyday purchases. Instead of owing money to a third-party bank, you owe it to yourself (this is the power of controlling your own financing system).
  • Lesson #35: The 6+ Figure Cost of NOT Taking Action - The average American will miss out on well over 6 figures because they do not control their own financing system. See how you can develop an Income Machine so that you do not have to give up the same opportunity cost as others.
  • Lesson #36: Why 80% of People Cannot Retire - The financial system is wired to work against us. The result is longer hours and harder work (while barely being able to keep up). With your own Income Machine, you’re able to swing the system to work in your favor and “play with the house” by being on the same receiving side of the financial system as banks.
  • Lesson #37: Lessons in Long-Term Wealth Planning - Follow along as I show you how to plan so your Income Machine can help generate enough wealth to reach the long-term goals you have for yourself and your family.

“Switch Sides” and Use Cutting-Edge Technology to Unlock Your Ability to Achieve Financial Freedom Faster, Safer, With More Certainty and a Lot Less Stress!

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Access To The Audiobook - As a no-cost gift, I’ll also include an audiobook version of The Income Amplifier Blueprint. 

Listen to the book on your morning drive, at the gym, or wherever you want! I do suggest consulting the diagrams and formulas inside your digital copy!

This audiobook is normally $11.99. It’s yours today for FREE when you order The Income Amplifier Blueprint on this page.
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Personal Real Wealth Target Worksheet & Calculator - Real Wealth is a measure of your purchasing power, not just the money you make. This is your buying power. 

Real Wealth is one of the most important metrics in your financial journey. You’ll need to understand your Real Wealth and your target Real Wealth to know if you’ll be able to afford the lifestyle you deserve in the future. 

Using this worksheet and calculator, you’ll be able to calculate the exact return you’ll need to achieve on your investments in order to increase your purchasing power every year. 

This will allow you to account for the forces that impact the financial system and threaten to lower your purchasing power.
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Traditional Retirement Number Worksheet & Calculator 

- Would you like to better understand: 

1) How long do you need to keep working in order to reach your financial goals?

2) How much you need to have in savings to reach your financial goals? 

3) And how long your savings and investments will last you in retirement (or if they will outlast you)? 

This worksheet and calculator will help you answer these three questions so that you can get a better picture of your financial future. Don’t wait to answer these questions! Find these answers now before it’s too late.

What this Book IS NOT.

Here’s what this book is not about:
  • “Get Rich Quick” - If you’re interested in a get rich quick plan, this is not it. The blueprint you’re about to learn is a long-term growth strategy that takes years to fully realize. Many of the investors I’ve worked with have used this method to make a consistent and predictable income in as little as 10-12 months, however, true wealth takes years to grow.
  • This is not a Whole Life Insurance Sales Pitch - Many people talking about how you can “finance your own purchases” or create “your own bank” discuss whole life insurance as an investment vehicle. That is not what this book is about.
  • A Short-Term Investment - This is not an “in and out” blueprint or a plan for overnight riches. This is a long-term method for growing wealth that can outlast you.
  • Stock Tips or “Insider Advice” - When you order, you’re not getting insider advice, stock tips, or suggestions to buy specific assets. The Income Amplifier Blueprint shows you how to better structure your investments, capital, and more so that you can have more control over the forces that keep most investors stuck on the Paying Side of the financial system.
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